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Small wind turbine my!WIND 5 kW

Our machine is designed for commercial and private consumers owning real estate with some open territory. After erection and test-operation of demo-turbines in Northern Germany we foresee to begin sales during 2012. During introduction period, an attractive sales price will be offered.

Rated power  5 kilowatt
Rotor diameter  6 m
Tower  10 m (guy-wired)
(self-supported and taller versions available)
Rotor position  Downwind
Power regulation  Rotor blade pitch
Secondary brake (back-up)  Electromagnetic
Rated roational speed  230 rpm
Features  -  Aerodynamically optimised nacelle for generator cooling
-  Wide blade roots (for easy start-up)
-  Cogging-free ring generator
-  Entirely encapsulated windings
-  Yaw with double bearings
Status  Measuring generator performance curve (April 2011)
Rotor blade profile optimisation (Reiner Lemoine Institute, Berlin, May 2011)
Launch production of components for test turbines (autumn 2011)
Operation of test machines in Europe and Africa (2012)

my!WIND in Pakri, Estonia
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